Help democratize
psychedelic healing.

Our mission is to craft the best healing community for our members and to have
fun doing it! We believe in healing for all - regardless of access to resources.

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    $0-25k - Operational and Administrative Expenses

    This allows our team the resources to support the community

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    $25-33k - Funds Integrations Circles and Facilitator Compensation

    We employ highly qualified facilitators and are committed to reducing both gender and BIPOC wage gaps

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    $33-50k - Volunteer Compensation

    To partially compensate a fully invested volenteer team to have contributed over 4,000 hours to our integration community!

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    STRETCH: $50-75k World Record Solar Eclipse Event

    Partial proceeds will go to execute a Guiness World Record eclipse event on April 8,2024

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Support from donors like you make healing happen

Through our connected integration framework, we empower individuals to cultivate inner wisdom, compassion, and resilience, and promote a culture of lifelong learning and personal growth.


This generious donation amount gifts you 1 FREE YEAR of the Othership Breathwork app ($129.00 value), courtesy of our partnership at Othership.


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